The Mark of a Great Talent

***this interview originally appeared on myfilms2010 in 2011*** Rona Mark is a director. Rona Mark is a writer. Rona Mark writes scripts and directs films. Rona Mark is a writer/director. Rona Mark has made two feature films. Rona Mark wrote and directed “Strange Girls” Rona Mark wrote and directed “The Crab” You have probably never [...]

A Half Life Half Lived

***this review was originally posted on morrissey-solo by me in 2012*** With the imminent  of the release of his latest album "Low In High School" and a UK tour early next year I thought I would share my review of the last time I saw Morrissey live. What would Edinburgh be without the rain? Who [...]

Kristin Hersh

***this interview was conducted in November 2010 and was originally posted on my film blog myfilms2010*** I’ve been very fortunate since starting to write this blog. I’ve seen a lot of great movies. I’ve interviewed some people whose work I really admire and who I am a big fan of. This is something very different. [...]

Sheds Heaven

Do you remember what you were doing on the 10th March 1994? Of course you don't. Nothing of any note ever happens on the 10th March.  Specially not in 1994. Ah, but the thing is I DO remember what I was doing then.  Not only that but I'll never forget it. My girlfriend studied art [...]


A long time ago I had another blog.  It was an outlet for me to write about film.  That blog saw me press accredited for events like the EIFF and GFF as well as making one or two television appearances to talk about new releases.  At one point I saw and reviewed more than one [...]