Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know? – Morrissey

Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know? – Morrissey "We're fooled by first impressions, they're not always true..." Back in 1979 soul diva Thelma Houston released a single entitled "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning" which was, and remains, a genuinely thrilling disco classic.  It's the sort of song that should have been number one and that should be the only correct answer to the [...]

Break a Leg

Break a Leg

February 4th 1995 Motherwell Civic Hall Half way through their support slot Marion singer Jaime Harding leans into the microphone to reprimand the audience who have been chanting "Morrissey" throughout the duration of his bands set. "You lot will be paying £20 to see us headlining in six months" he says. I happen to believe [...]

From the wreck and the rubble…

There are none so blind as those who will not see. The creative worth of Morrissey since 2004's "You Are The Quarry" has been, increasingly, worth less...and less...and less.  Only the most ardent of his disciples could argue that point and argue it they will, hailing every whimper or belch that he releases as further [...]