Memory Songs #9 “Shoplifters of the World Unite” by The Smiths

(Image by Linder Sterling from "Morrissey Shot") Morrissey. So much to answer for. He won't of course. Ours has become an increasingly fractious relationship. He is not the man I thought he was. We don't spend as much time together as we once did. Maybe that is just the way of things. People change, not [...]

Memory Songs #4 “I Don’t Want a Lover” by Texas

Memory Songs #4 “I Don’t Want a Lover” by Texas For a small country, geographically and in terms of its population, Scotland has long punched way above its weight in popular culture...if you want artists, poets, designers, authors, film makers or any number of other creatives then the soil North of Hadrian's Wall is fertile.  But it is in the world of pop music [...]