Maybe, Definitely

Maybe, Definitely

I had just turned twenty-one. I was a student. I was convinced that what had started as a couple of great albums by blur and Suede was now a full blown cultural phenomenom on a par with the Mods in the sixties. I was entering the second year of my degree course at the “University” [...]

Seems Unlikely.

This is a true story. When I turned thirty, which seems like a long time ago now...mainly because it was a long time ago, I went back to university to undertake a post graduate course that would qualify me as a school teacher.  At that moment in time it seemed like a brilliant idea.  Today [...]

A Plea From What is Left of my Heart

This year on the Mild Mannered Army I have written 129 articles for your delight, delectation and despisement. I know dispisement isn't a real word and that there is probably a real word I could use to convey the same concept but, and I can't stress this enough, I am a lazy man in very [...]