Polaroids by HMS Sirens


Are we alone?

Are you sure?


Let’s start with this, I don’t know anything about HMS Sirens.  I don’t know where they come from.  I don’t know any of their names.  I don’t know what they look like.  I know nothing.

That’s not strictly true.

I know a couple of things.

I know that they have little, to no, interest in sounding like every other “new” band I am currently fighting through on my Twitter timeline.  What this means is that nothing on the three tracks on this debut EP sounds like The Beatles or Oasis.  Who said “Same thing?”  Wash your mouth out.

I know that “Polaroids” is a darker, more curious, more fragile and less derivitive sound than most other new music I stumble across.  Things here are awash with broken hearts, broken dreams and battered hopes.  This is music from the corner of the room.  That’s good, because that is where I find myself at most parties.  Alone and lonely in a room filled with people.

I have a feeling that whoever is involved in HMS Sirens may well see me there…reach out, ask me what my name is, invite me to step outside for a “proper chat” and make me feel like things could, despite what my tortured soul is constantly telling me, be alright.

Here lies melody, harmony, tone and craft.

And heart.

“Polaroids” is available now on all the usual streaming platforms.