The Murder Capital Live From BBC Maida Vale


Brothers and sisters.

Listen to the words of a poet.

Hear the sounds of art made live.

Marvel as your innermost fears, hopes and desires are reflected back at you from five strangers.

The Murder Capital are back with a suite of three recordings from their live session with Annie Mac at BBC’s Maida Vale.  The three songs are “Cellophane” (a cover of the FKA Twigs track), “Don’t Cling to Life” and “Green & Blue”.  If you have already heard the astonishing debut album “When I Have Fears” then you may think you know the two original compositions but, truthfully, the live encounter with this astonishing band drags you nearer to the divine, and the sublime, than anything else you are likely to experience in your life.

Speaking of their decision to cover “Cellophane” the band, only ever one voice, had this to say;

“Cellophane” especially encapsulates such a poignant landmark of heartbreak, and its innately exposed nature further allowed us to really connect with it.”

Their interpretation is, of course, filled with beauty and romance and it takes you somewhere special, somewhere deep within yourself and exposes you to the horror that feeling can lead to.  But that is the joy of The Murder Capital; they force us to feel things, to confront things we would rather suppress and to grow as a result.

“Just a band?”

Oh no.

Not this time.

This time it’s the real thing.

Give them your heart…because they have given theirs to you.