Tims Twitter Listening Parties…Top 10’s


For no reason other than it really does feel like the end of the world today I have decided to put together a set of top tens inspired by Tim Burgess and his wonderful Twitter listening parties.  Bringing people from all over the world together and helping them to forget the horrors of reality through the magic of music.

God bless him.

Top Ten Albums I Already Owned That Have/Will Feature In A Listening Party

  1. Orange Juice “You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever
  2. David Bowie “Hunky Dory”
  3. New Order “Power Corruption and Lies”
  4. The Murder Capital “When I Have Fears”
  5. Aztec Camera “High Land Hard Rain”
  6. Suede “Dog Man Star”
  7. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions “Rattlesnakes”
  8. Cornershop “England is a Garden”
  9. Cocteau Twins “Heaven or Las Vegas”
  10. Saint Etienne “So Tough”

Top Ten Albums I Hadn’t Heard Until They Were Confirmed For a Listening Party But That I Now Love and Cannot Imagine Living Without

  1. The Lovely Eggs “I Wanna”
  2. Pom Poko “If You Want Me To Stay”
  3. Jane Weaver “Modern Kosmology”
  4. Joan As Police Woman “Real Life”
  5. Barry Adamson “Oedipus Schmoedipus”
  6. Public Service Broadcasting “Race For Space”
  7. Gwenno “Le Kov”
  8. Let’s Eat Grandma “I Will Be Waiting”
  9. We Are KING “We Are King”
  10. The Pastels “Kicking Leaves”

Top Ten Albums by Scottish Bands Involved in a Listening Party

  1. Orange Juice “You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever”
  2. Cocteau Twins “Heaven or Las Vegas”
  3. Aztec Camera “High Land, Hard Rain”
  4. Mogwai “Come on Die Young”
  5. BMX Bandits “My Chain”
  6. Love and Money “Strange Kind of Love”
  7. Franz Ferdinand “Franz Ferdinand”
  8. Belle and Sebastian “It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career”
  9. Arab Strap “Philophobia”
  10. Idlewild “100 Broken Windows”

Top Ten Britpop Listening Parties in Tim’s Listening Parties

  1. Blur “Parklife
  2. Supergrass “I Should Coco”
  3. Oasis “What’s the Story Morning Glory”
  4. Suede “Dog Man Star”
  5. Saint Etienne “So Tough”
  6. Pulp “Different Class”
  7. Sleeper “The IT Girl”
  8. Lush “Lovelife”
  9. Gene “Olympian”
  10. Catatonia “International Velvet”

Top Ten Albums I Would Like to Feature in One of Tim’s Listening Parties

  1. The Smiths “The Queen is Dead” (with Stephen Street and Johnny Marr)
  2. Hipsway “Hipsway” (with Pim Jones and Graeme Skinner)
  3. Public Enemy “Fear of a Black Planet” (with Chuck D)
  4. Pet Shop Boys “Actually” (with Neil and Chris)
  5. Erasure “Wild!” (with Vince Clarke and Andy Bell)
  6. The Redskins “Neither Washington Nor Moscow” (with Martin Hewes)
  7. Kiwanuka “Michael Kiwanuka” (with Michael Kiwanuka)
  8. Texas “Southside” (with Sharleen Spiteri and Johnny McElhone)
  9. Shampoo “We are Shampoo” (with Carrie and Jacqui)
  10. Dexys Midnight Runners “Don’t Stand Me Down” (with Kevin Rowland)


You can join in with the listening parties on Twitter by using #timstwitterlisteningparty