It Has to be a Loose Fit


It’s time to start again.


Just when I think I’ve worked “it” out I am hit by some event, some word, some person, some feeling, some thing, that strips me of that notion and leaves me sobbing, hopeless and broken on the floor.


It’s almost as if life, whatever that means, is not a thing that can be worked out…that there are no answers…that there really is no meaning…things happen, other things don’t happen and in the middle of those two things lies; us.

Maybe, just maybe, life is a series of random events.


But, at least in part, accurate.

That doesn’t have to be terrifying of course, it presents us all with opportunities to try again, to see what each new day might bring…the trouble is that, for so many, the things they want new days to bring are likes, shares, right swipes and follows.  Finding meaning in the meaningless.

Australian post-punk, new wave, dark hearts Loose Fit have captured the mood of this world view and, quite possibly, the mood of the times with their debut single “Pull The Lever”.  With a wiry (Wire-y) bass line that drills deep down into your soul and takes up permanent residency that sits alongside a vocal from Anna Langdon that is seemingly detached and attached at the same moments this is the sort of broodingly melancholic but funky pop music that none of us deserve.

“Apps on our phones are designed like slot machines. It’s addictive and exciting to play a dating app. Refreshing or swiping is like pulling the lever of a slot machine to see what you got. That design is no accident in an attention economy.”  says Langdon of the core message of the song…we are in the presence of a band who, whisper it, think and feel.  That soul crushing “attention economy” stretches far beyond Tinder of course and the pulling of levers in a desperate attempt to find meaning or validation is writ large in almost every aspect of the modern world.

“Pull The Lever” is available to stream from the usual services now and you can pre-order the forthcoming EP “Loose Fit” from Fat Cat Records here.