Gimme More of Kiwi Jr.


Hold onto your hats because the debut album from Canadian pop ‘n’ rollers Kiwi Jr. is on its way.  This is good news.  I’ll go further, this is really good news.  You know what, to Hell with it…this is fan-bloody-tastic news.  At least it is if you have even a passing interest in music that is made by people who have more than a passing interest in music.  Music made by people like you…for you.

Lurking in the shadows of what Kiwi Jr. are doing lie the likes of R.E.M, Pavement, Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers as well as, thrillingly, The Strokes…when they were at their imperious best…all of which creates a strange, giddy, brew of pop, punk and new wave.

The most exciting thing about new music is that it should be…new.  Of course it is impossible for anything to arrive either fully formed or free from any external forces but that doesn’t mean that new music should simply sound like old music.  If I want to listen to The Kinks or The Smiths or Patti Smith or Bowie or Oasis or…then I can go and listen to them but a new band should sound like themselves even if the inspiration can be heard, detected, tasted in the grooves of the record.  This is where Kiwi Jr. are head and shoulders above so many other “tips for the top in 2020″…they are not a covers band, they are not so in awe of the used to be awesome that it has stunted their own sound, they sound vibrant and full of vim and vigour.

“Football Money” will be released on January 17th on Persona Non Grata Records but you can enjoy new single “Gimme More” here;


***Kiwi Jr. will be touring the UK in January/February at the following venues…

Jan 29th – The Waiting Room, London

Jan 30th – Old England, Bristol

Jan 31st – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Feb 1st – Gullivers, Manchester

…you should go.***