Intergalactic Sailor – James McArthur and the Head Gardeners




Subtly charming.

Charmingly subtle.

James McArthur is a songwriter.

More than that he is a songwriter who understands that the true power of music lies in its ability to connect with people and to forge connections between people.  While you might shout the words of “Wonderwall” back at the stage when either Liam or Noel run through the motions with no emotions by the time you have fought your way through the drunken mess of a crowd you will be hungry for something more…it’s the musical equivalent of a McDonald’s hamburger.

What McArthur does is present you with locally sourced, organic, premium quality meat…songs that require a little more work from you, songs that won’t be bellowed at 2 in the morning by a drunken fifty year old with a Wellend haircut as he stumbles home after an office party, songs that will satisfy your hunger for something more, something more fulfilling, something more emotional.

Gently plucked guitar parts pick at your heart strings.

Drums are brushed and never beaten.

Steel guitar chimes and echoes.

Vocals are crisp, clear and beautifully harmonised.

Everything feels warm and gentle.

Everything feels honest and pure.

Everything feels like someone is feeling.

A beautiful album that will find a place in your heart and lift your spirits.

Thank folk.