Louder Than Words Festival


Just think about this for a second.

There is a place where you can listen to post-punk, pop ‘n’ roll, soul boy and survivor Edwyn Collins discuss his life and work as well as hear him perform a song or two.

There is a place where you can hear Dr Beate Peter (Lapsed Clubber Project), Mark Reeder (formerly of Factory Records), Carl Loben (DJ Magazine) and Chris Jam (poet, DJ and club operator) discussing “The Politics of Dancing”…a panel discussion about whether or not there really is a political element to dance culture or is it just about feeling good.

There is a place where Daniel Rachel, Phill Savidge and John Robb will all debate and discuss the nineties…from the hope to the despair of that decade, from Britpop and Cool Britannia to Blairism and the rise of celebrity culture.  Three people with greater insight into  the decade than most.

There is a place where you can hear Matt Everitt  (DJ and former Britpop ace face) chat about his astonishing book “The First Time” and let him regale you  with incredible stories from the likes of Dave Grohl,  Jarvis Cocker, Debbie Harry and many more.

There is a place where you can have the enigma that is Jimmy Page unravelled and deconstructed right in front of your eyes by an author who has written the definitive biography on the legendary rocker.  Chris Salewicz is that author and his book is the book on Page.

There is a place where you can listen to iconic designers Malcolm Garrett and Jonathan Barnbrook discuss their work in music with legendary figures like Buzzcocks and Bowie.

There is a place where you can discover the story of one of the most iconic figures in British music history, Poly Styrene, from her daughter Celeste Bell and co-writer Zoe Howe.

There is a place where you can hear from Amy Raphael as she discusses her incredible new book “A Seat at the Table: Interviews With Women on the Frontline of Music” which features conversations with Kate Tempest, Christine and the Queens and many others.  In the #metoo era this book is not just of interest to music fans but is an important political document.

There is a place where you can hear Wayne bloody Hussey tell his life story…a story that takes him from baptised Mormon to post-punk, Goth, hedonist and all told with an honesty and a humour that will leave you tickled, not pink but certainly a deep purple.

Did I mention that this place will also put you up close and personal with the likes of Thurston Moore and Eva Prinz?  That you will hear the dirty details of the last days of The Beatles?  That this is the place to remember the remarkable life and times of Ranking Roger through the work of the fabulous Daniel Rachel?

I know what you are thinking.

You are thinking that a place like this can’t exist because, if it did, you would know about it because you love music and someplace like this wouldn’t have got past you.

Buckle up buttercup.

There is a place like this.

It is the Louder Than Words Festival and, really, if you love music as much as you say you do…you should be there.

There’s more to life than books you know…unless those books are about music.

Be there.

***The Louder Than Words Festival takes place at the Principal Hotel, Manchester on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November.***

Full details can be found here.