Miss June – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, 2/10/19

Oh my.

Where do I begin?

As importantly, where do I end?

I like to think of myself of being fairly, possibly faintly, erudite but, in truth, I have a limited vocabulary thanks, in no small part, to my limited mind and imagination.  That makes offering something that even comes close to an accurate description of something that was, really, beyond description quite difficult.



Let’s try this.

Miss June are furious.

Like Jesus when he chased the money lenders from the Temple with howls of “IN MY FATHERS HOUSE?”.

Or like King Kong as the aeroplanes circle him and try to bring an end to his life.

A righteous fury.

It is there in the songs.

In the careful, clever and crafty words.

In ever biff, bang and pow of the drums.

In each blistering chord from the guitars.

In the battering ram of the bass lines.

Righteous fury.

Miss June are vital.

Not vital like your kidneys…you can get by with one of them, but vital in a much more important way.  They play as if the only thing that really matters to them at that moment is the music.  Your presence in the room is appreciated, for sure, but, ultimately, it isn’t necessary.   Conversely, after you have seen them you cannot imagine how you will function without them ever again.


What is also striking about this show is that it isn’t a show.

That suggests a level of artifice and of bald ambition that isn’t here.

This is music.

Bigger venues, bigger press, bigger sales and then fame, fame, fatal fame are, surely, only just around the corner.  But it is clear that this isn’t the motivation for anyone on the stage.  Each of them is lost in the individual and the collective.  At the end of each song wide grins and ecstatic laughter follow from all four members, as if they have surprised themselves by how great they are and by how much fun they are having.  It is charming.

If you are like me (dear God I hope, for your sake, that you are not) then you love live music…when it is something more than a performance, when the people involved feel the same way as you do about it.  That being the case then you really must make space, find time, for Miss June.