Fear My Society – The Wants

I am haunted by, crippled by, self-doubt, anxiety, low self-esteem and feel the presence of an existential dread at the quietest moments constantly.

Fun times.

Sure we live in an age of polarisation and polemic…extremes have become the dominant on both sides of the political divide.  From the serious issues that keep you awake at night to the seriously strange non-issues that people use to deflect from the same, these are strange, turbulent, totally wired times.

It is that blending of the personal and the cultural that runs through the heart of the latest single from New York City’s The Wants; “Fear My Society”.  A curious, spectacular, blend of Talking Heads art-funk hooks, angular, spiked, spooked, warped chords, beats and rhythms and with a subtle nod to the gentler, more subtle corners of techno and electro.


Lyricist and singer Madison Velding-Van Damm describes the song;

“Fear My Society is a song that has gone through multiple genre shifts and moods until it finally clicked this past year. In one sense, the lyrics couldn’t be more straightforward — a reflection of the always-shifting (though recently seismically so) political, economic, and technological atmosphere of the United States. But I didn’t write the song in reaction to this. I was reflecting on the pressures I put on myself to achieve — “will you love me if I’m a failure?” is an honest concern of mine, a universal and primal concern that spans generations and even species. I’m interested in always pushing a step further towards what scares me.”

Turbulent, fearful times we may live in but there is hope as long as we have artists who are prepared to push, to explore and to create.

I want The Wants.