Heidi Regan Kills Time – Edinburgh Fringe

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Chaos reigns.

Not the good sort of chaos…like a messy drawer that, when you start to sort it, reveals a tenner that you had forgotten about.

No, the worst sort of chaos reigns.

Everything seems a bit, well, hopeless.



I had planned to see two shows at the Fringe yesterday but there was a gap of two hours between them and rather than go home simply to go out again I went to the box office at the Pleasance Courtyard and asked them for a ticket to the next show I could make.

That show turned out to be Heidi Regan.

I had no idea who Heidi Regan was.


Really all I wanted was somewhere to be that wasn’t outside.

I got that.

An old storage container reconfigured to be a venue.

A hot box.

A really hot box.

The kind of hot box that makes you yearn for someone to squirt you in the face with cold water.


Then Heidi Regan walked out and started her set.

Within minutes I felt all the chaos, the turmoil, the worry, the fear and the anxiety begin to leave me…and the room itself.

She smiled…a lot.

A really warm and sincere smile.

Sure she’s performing but you can still tell right?

Of course you can.

The jokes were carefully constructed, a brilliant blend of silly and thoughtful, eccentric and thought provoking.  All tied together around a slender thread of time travel and its possible impact on the lives, past, present and future of Regan they build to reveal something about…you and me.


Really clever.

I don’t think it was just the intimacy of the venue that made this feel less like a show and more like a cuddle from your best friend, I think that was the heart of the performer herself.


And not “nice” like Coldplay are “nice” which is just code for bland or boring.

I mean nice like this is a person you wish you were a little more similar to.

That may just be me…I’m not very nice.

From chaos to a desire to be a little nicer in the space of an hour in a hot box.

That takes real talent.

***Heidi Regan Kills Time is still running at the Pleasance daily from 4:45***