Automatic – Too Much Money


One of the most exciting new bands of 2019 are Automatic.

Boys with Liam Gallaghers old haircut and a mistaken belief that only music played by four geezers in parkas is any good will disagree.


Their brooding, yet euphoric, blend of electro-pop, film scores (specifically the work of John Carpenter) and achingly cool retro new wave alternative punk like Delta 5 and Suicide blends to make something genuinely thrilling.

A video for “Too  Much Money” has now arrived and, as with the video for “Calling It”, it does a great job of convincing you that the coolest people in any room are always going to be Automatic and that we are dealing with a band who are committed as much to style as they are to substance…which is exactly as it should be.

Their debut album arrives on September 27th through Stones Throw records and if you have any sense you will make sure you order a copy.