Alan Shed’s Music, Comedy and Everything Else Interactive Quiz


“It’ll be funny…even if it isn’t”

Would you rather be a leech or a shed?


Abba or Shabba?


What the Hell is Babba?

All of these questions and more are answered across an hour in the company of a man who, for at least the duration of the Festival, will be known as Alan Shed.

Alan is the drummer with the best band to come out of York and nineties Britpop legends, Shed Seven.  Now he is flying solo at the Edinburgh Fringe with a mix of stand-up comedy and quizzing.

The big question is, of course; “Is he funny?”

The small answer to that question is; “Yes.”

The jokes are original, well written, silly, carefully constructed and, most importantly, capable of making you laugh out loud.

LOL as nobody says.

The quiz element of the show ensures that the audience are brought into the world of the Shed…a lovely atmosphere falls across the room from the first question as people look smug if they believe they have it right, shriek as they select the wrong answer, laugh at the questions themselves which are, often, as funny as the actual comedy and bond with the other people in the room.

Another thing that sets this show apart from some of the other comedy shows I have seen this year is the fact that Alan seems Hell bent on making people laugh and giving them a good time.


“Isn’t that stating the bleedin’ obvious?”

Good question.

Sadly, it isn’t as obvious as it should be.

Many of the performers at this years Fringe seem to be using their shows to deal with their anger and frustration at big political issues…that is fine but not if it comes at the expense of being funny.  Most people don’t pay £20 to go out for an hour or two and listen to the news with some swearing thrown in.

Maybe it’s just me.

Faced with a choice between that and actually having a good time…I’d choose the good time, every time.

That is what you get with this show…a good time, every time.


Alan Shed’s Music, Comedy and Everything Else Interactive Quiz Show is on daily at The Mash House from 2:25.  You can buy tickets here.