Automatic for the People






New Wave.

New Order.

Le Tigre.

Riot grrrl.

Pet Shop Boys.

The Faint.




If that isn’t enough to have your appetite for destruction whetted beyond wet then I don’t know what you want from a band.

Automatic are cool.

I don’t care if you don’t like that or if you think it shows a lack of erudition on my part or an inability to see things beyond the usual, narrow, boring, repetitive, language of music criticism.


Because sometimes, some things and some people just are…cool.

There is an icy detachment in the John Carpenter-esque synthscapes that they are trading in while, at the very same moment, there is the warm heart of the Human League beating within the beats.

Right now we are two songs in…”Calling It” and “Too Much Money”…so it would be an act of folly to get carried away on a new wave of hyperbole.

Here comes the wave.

Ride it.

Automatic are thrilling, exciting and toe-tapping.

If you can’t get excited about a band who understand why Soft Cell matter, why The Faint should have been massive, why Fischerspooner were the best band of the noughties and why Kathleen Hannah is more important than Kurt Cobain then you should still listen to them…they are good enough to make you understand before they get to the first anti-chorus.