Shockwave – Liam Gallagher


I feel free.

The first fruits of the latest Liam loom are revealed in two-hundred and eleven seconds of…swampy, stompy, glam thumpin’, rock ‘n’ roll that leaves you on your knees, head bowed, hands pressed together and your voice raised to the Heavens to give thanks.


He’s back.

Importantly he is back sounding as sweet as he has since…goodness knows when.

While the songs on “As You Were” highlighted, for the doubters, quite how good he could be there were moments where the voice sounded…strained?  Like he was having to work for every note…things that were once in the palm of his hand were not just within reach.  But on “Shockwave” his voice sounds sweet, strong, confident, melodic and pure.

“You’re a snake, you’re a weasel, you’re a pebble in the sea and the pain you feel is washing over me”

I don’t think you need to look too closely to find the “hidden meaning” in the lyrics.

Anger is an energy.

That’s what Lydon told us…and he was right.

Here that energy has brought new life into Liam, he is channelling it, moulding it, bending it to his will, instead of allowing it to control him…this is the sound of a man on a mission, a man with a message, a man with a point to prove and far from ranting and raving, like a loon at Speaker’s Corner, he is preaching, testifying and healing all at the same time.

If this is the sound of the forthcoming album then we might just be about to say “Hello” to the best album from a Gallagher since the days before one of them started hanging out at number 10 Downing Street.


You better, you bet.