You’re a big man…”Delicious” at 25


With nods to “Get Carter”, the portrayal of sex as something to be enjoyed, not endured, by women and the ferocity of the music with its melding of melody and mania “Delicious” by Sleeper is one of the greatest singles of the nineties.

It had been preceded by the “Alice” EP and a second single, “Swallow”, but really it is the debut single from the band we know and adore.

This was Sleeper as a fully formed entity in their own right…not just another band but a band who sounded like they could become “the” band.

It’s difficult now to imagine quite what a jolt to the system Louise Wener was at this point.  She had decided not to play by the rules…she was neither “sexy” girl in a band or girl in a band playing at being a “bloke” in a band.  No high heels and “fashion” shoots in her underwear, no downing pints to show she was one of the boys, no simpering, no proclamations of girl power…in their place was something genuinely radical; her.

No pose, no pretence, no play acting…Louis Wener was, gulp, herself.

On “Delicious” that is made abundantly clear.

This was the fierce stand of a woman Hell bent on taking her seat at the top table and determined to do it on her terms and her terms alone.

It worked.

Happy anniversary.