Introducing the Band…(part two)

Time is tight.

Just one entry in the top 25 Britpop debut albums today.

But what an album…

20. The Seahorses – “Do It Yourself” (April, 1997)


What’s the best way to put this?


I think there may have been some “excesses” during the making of the second Stone Roses album; “The Second Coming”.

An album loaded with great riffs and magnificent pop songs…but drowned in so much noodling and tinkering that you had to work to find them.

Shall we leave it at that?


After the mucky and undignified end of the Roses some people, mainly me, were worried about where John Squires’ next project might take us…if he couldn’t curb his enthusiasm for the most over the top and overblown aspects of Led Zeppelin then there was a chance that this new endeavour may not be anything other than more of the same.

I didn’t want more of the same.

Two things stop “Do It Yourself” from being just that; firstly Squire seemed to have ditched the “excesses” and was a leaner, fitter and more focused musician and secondly…Chris Helme.

Chris Helme.

A voice.

More than a voice.

Arguably the voice.

A singer who could elevate the most mundane musical effort to something glorious.

On record he is good but live…he’ll bring a tear to your eye.

“Do It Yourself” then is an album filled to the brim with instantly recognisable Squire guitar magic for sure but it is also a magnificent introduction to a singer and songwriter who deserves much more success than he has enjoyed thus far in his career.

(Relationship status: UNKNOWN)