No I Don’t…

Drink alcohol.

“Not even a glass of…”


Not even a glass of.

“What about when you go out, you must…”


Not even when I go out.

“A nice glass of…with a meal?”


Not a nice glass of that with a meal.

“Do you not like the taste?”

I don’t know.

I’ve never tasted it.

“You’ve never tasted it?”




“Never even tried it?”


“You must have.”

I haven’t.

“How do you enjoy a night out?”

Well, I just sort of enjoy it…or sometimes I don’t.

Depends on the night.

“You’ve never been drunk?”

No. Like I said, I’ve never even tasted alcohol so…

“What about at your wedding?”

Not even then.

“I couldn’t do it.”

You don’t have to.

“Are you an alcoholic?”


I don’t drink alcohol.

I haven’t ever drunk alcohol.

I think you need to have taken alcohol to be an alcoholic.

“Why don’t you drink?”

Partly because I was brought up as a Mormon and alcohol is on the no list.

Partly because I like that it makes me different.

Partly because I like being the only person in the room who is not drunk.

Partly because I don’t feel the need to.

Different reasons.

“Aren’t you curious?”

Not really.

I don’t feel the need to try it.

I don’t mind you doing it.

I’m not a puritan or a prude.