The B*&%$£s – “Rubber Soul”

People often get quite cross with me.

For a huge number of reasons.

The way I look is enough to upset some.

My views on a variety of things really get under people’s skin…

The one thing guaranteed to really, really, bother people though is my, near absolute, disinterest and dislike in and of The Beatles.

The short version is; I don’t like The Beatles.

The long version is; I really don’t like The Beatles.

I see them as a sacred cow.

They are the best, the most influential, the most important and the most most band in the history of popular music.

Nobody, and nothing, else comes close to their genius.

Everybody likes them.


Everybody loves them.

It is wrong-think to hold any other view.

I hold another view.

I don’t think that they are particularly good…let alone brilliant.

I don’t own a single album by them.

I can make a long list of other bands who were more interesting and just plain better without breaking sweat.

This week when I made, yet another, unnecessary negative, maybe even caustic, comment about them on the Twitter someone asked if I had ever listened to certain of their albums and then they said something about how blah blah blah they were.

I have listened.

I made a point of listening to every album a while back just in case I had made a terrible mistake and missed something through the bitty exposure I had had up to that point.

I hadn’t missed anything.

But I am prepared to try again.

For you.

I am going to listen to all of their albums from start to finish and share my thoughts as I go.

I know what some of you think, you think that this is just me trying to position myself as “different”, an outsider, that kid at school who deliberately liked the things nobody else did or disliked the things everyone did in order to make themselves stand out.

That’s not it.

I really don’t get it.

Here we go then.

“Rubber Soul”  1965


Drive my Car

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

“Beep beep”

“Beep beep”

Like something that Mr Blobby might cover for Comic Relief.

Rhyming dictionary lyrics too.

A novelty record.

Norwegian Wood

I love Murakami.

A genius.

Probably the finest writer alive.

I think it is fair to say that he wouldn’t ever dream of committing a line like; “She told me to sit anywhere, I looked around, and noticed there wasn’t a chair” to the page.

The intro is quite lovely though.

Sitar and gently weeping guitars.

Lovely but forgettable.

You Won’t See Me

I used to have one of those CD’s for babies where they take classic rock and pop and babify it.

This sounds a bit like that.




Nowhere Man

“Knows not where he’s going to…”

I like that you can hear how desperate they are for people to hear this and think it is, in some undefinable way, deep and meaningful.

It isn’t deep.

Or meaningful.

It’s not far away from the “poems” I was writing in sixth form.


Think For Yourself

I can’t tell when it’s Lennon or when it’s McCartney singing but what is very clear is that the success of The Beatles wasn’t based on their abilities as vocalists.

I quite like this tune though.

The Word

I like this.

It’s fun.

A proper little pop song.

I bet they wrote this when they were about 14.

It’s like “Karate Hairdresser” by Skinned Teen…full of the joys of youth.



Just nope.


Oh hold on…someone has just started singing in French!

When you hear things like this you understand why the Mods were completely uninterested by this lot.

What Goes On

A bit of country and western.

The cool kids know that country music is cool…but country and western isn’t.

You could see people line-dancing to this.

Do people still do line-dancing?

That was a big thing for a long while.

People from Bolton dressing up as cowboys.


Has Billy Ray Cyrus ever covered this?

That would be good.


This sounds like something George Formby would have done.

But not as good.

I love George Formby.

So funny and so sad.

The perfect mix.

I’m Looking Through You

Another lovely tune.

Ruined by the singing and the lyrics.

I like this though “You’re voice is soothing but the words aren’t clear”.

That’s great.

I also like it when whoever is singing gets all throaty on “YOU LOOK THE SAME”.

My favourite so far.

In My Life


Really lovely.

The voices really fit this.

It wouldn’t work as well with a good singer.

It needs to sound a bit fragile and broken.


My favourite Beatles song to date.



Nothing to write home about.

If you never heard this again you wouldn’t care.

If I Needed Someone

Lovely harmonies.

Great melody.

Run For Your Life

Well, this is just plain unpleasant.

A wicked guy…a jealous mind…trying to get a woman to toe the line.


Whoever is in charge of The Beatles estate better make sure the Woke-tivists on Twitter don’t get to hear this.

All Hell will break loose.

And that’s that.

Some charming moments within one or two songs and two or three genuinely lovely songs.

Nothing to change my mind.

Interestingly as “Run For Your Life” finished on Spotify “Nothing but a Heartache” by The Flirtations started playing and it is better than absolutely everything on “Rubber Soul”, including the stuff I liked.  Full of drama, passion, desire and heartache.  Brilliant.

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