Sleeper – The Sun Also Rises


Things can seem bleak, hopeless and brutal in 2019.

Maybe things are bleak, hopeless and brutal.

Not just in 2019.

I don’t think so.

I am not some blind optimist choosing, wilfully, to ignore the realities of modern life and all its myriad rubbishes.

I see your troubles and worries and pains and fears.

I see them because I share them.

But I also see reasons to be cheerful.





Culture both low and high.



When Sleeper released “Look at you Now” late last year I saw it as a searing commentary on certain political issues that dominate the cultural and political landscape to the extent that almost nothing else can break through.  It was, to be frank, the best thing that Sleeper had done up to that point.  Genuinely.  The time out of the coruscating spotlight of fame had served not to diminish their gift for pop hits but to hone them.  I was excited.

In advance of their first new album since “Pleased to Meet You” in 1997, the soon to be released “The Modern Age”, they have now dropped another single in the shape of “The Sun Also Rises”.

It provides another reason to be cheerful.

A giddy slice of relentless poptimism.

It is the sort of single you dream of your favourite band releasing…but that they never do.

Make no mistake about it, this is not the sound of a band looking to capitalise on nostalgia…this is, simply, a band.  Writing music, singing songs, crafting lyrics…saying things and saying them with more than a little charm and with a whole heap of style.

You should try listening to it once.

You won’t be able to.

It demands that you listen again…and again…and again.

In the darkest corners of your life Sleeper may just throw a little light…surely you deserve to have the sun rise in your life too?

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