Mild Mannered Army Episode 7 – SUEDE


Following on from our conversation about “Modern Life is Rubbish”, Nick Amies and I continue to explore the albums and bands who defined the Britpop era with a look at the debut album from Suede.

There can be little doubt that Suede were the band who kicked over the statues of grunge and cleared the ground for what would become Britpop.  There can also be little doubt that they were always something more than, something greater than, a label like “Britpop”.

Suede were, and remain, arch, artistic, experimental, backwards looking, forward looking, ambitious, grand, gothic, glam, rock and pop…sometimes all within one song, let alone across an album.

While Blur and Oasis may define the nineties UK music scene for many, for those of us of a more fragile, febrile and foppish nature found much to marvel at and wonder over in the music and lyrics of Suede.  Right from the very beginning they seemed…separate, distant, aloof and yet, simultaneously, they opened their arms to those of us in need of companionship and understanding.

Over the course of our conversation Nick and I cover the glamour, the sex, the sounds, the influence, the influences and the impact of this magnificent band and focus our attention on the devastating impact of their debut album on each of us.


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