Songs in the key of Lou #4


Games Without Frontiers/Biko by Peter Gabriel

Once of Genesis and then a fairly big deal on his own terms in the eighties Peter Gabriel is…

I can’t do it.

Other than “Sledgehammer” I can’t think of a single reason to be interested in Peter Gabriel.

Woman in Love by Barbara Streisand

This is more like it.

Barbara Streisand.


That voice.

That face.

A sadness in even the happiest moments.

An ability to draw tears from the driest of eyes, to touch the hardest of hearts, to remind you that there are beautiful things in the ugliest of moments.

“With you eternally mine, in love there is…no measure of time.”


All you need right there in one moment.

You don’t get it?

There is no hope for you.

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

I prefer the Westlife version.


Come back.

I didn’t mean it.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to upset you.

Let’s be serious for a moment.

Joel is one of the greats of American popular music…a songwriter who can stand toe to toe with the likes of Springsteen and Dylan…but not Patti, nobody matches Patti.

I’m digressing.


Despite the horror of what Westlife did to this, and everything else they touched, “Uptown Girl” is one of those magical little moments of pop music that lifts you from the depths and thrusts you towards the heavens.

Just look at this video…it’s so good it borders on being some sort of crime.

Hello by Lionel Richie

Speaking of videos!

I love me a bit of Lionel.

Truthfully I love me a lot of Lionel.

I like most Lionels.




It’s all about the video here though isn’t it?

Maybe if it had been a weightier song about something more serious than silly old love then it would have had a more dignified video.

You can’t blame Lionel.

Not really.

You’ve never seen it?

Oh please.

The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood

THE best single of the eighties.

Bar none.

THE best.

Arguably it is the greatest single of all time.

Arguably Frankie were the greatest British band of the eighties…maybe ever.

They were dangerous, era defining and politically vital in a way that few other bands could match.

Holly Johnson is also about as close to the perfect front man as pop music has ever seen.

When Doves Cry by Prince


I shouldn’t have wasted all that hyperbole on Frankie a second ago.


Right, here is what we will do.  We will pretend that you didn’t see the stuff I just wrote about Frankie…like, imagine you’ve been visited by the geezers from “Men in Black” and had your memory erased.


Couldn’t I just delete it?



No can do.


OK here we go.

This is THE best single of the eighties by an American artist (apart from all the other Prince singles) and it is arguably the greatest single ever (apart from all the other Prince singles of the eighties).


Sign of the Times by The Belle Stars


You want me to write something about this?

Look at the picture!

Girl power.

Not the nonsense that the Spice Girls tried to peddle a decade later but genuine girl power.

Seven women in a band.

Writing, performing, playing.

Look at the picture for goodness sake.

How could you not love that?

The eighties were bloody magnificent.

Don’t listen to those tired voices who tell you it was rubbish…it was bloody ace.

Apart from the unemployment.

And the miners strike.

And the cold war.

Oh shut up.

Automatic by The Pointer Sisters

Have you seen the clip of the Sisters performing this on Soul Train?


Watch this and then we’ll talk after…

Good that innit?

Told you the eighties were bloody fantastic.

Apart from the threat of nuclear war.

And the riots.

And the sus laws.

But look at the clothes!

Last Christmas by Wham!

Have I done the thing about a song being the bestest song ever yet?

I have?



In one article?


Hold on.


This is the best Christmas song ever.

Alright, let’s forget the overblown nonsense.

It is a terrible tragedy that we have lost George.  He was, undoubtedly, one of the greatest male vocalists in British pop history.  Damn it, I’m doing it again.

I need to find something to write about that I don’t love.

Get a bit mean.

Show you my ugly side.

I do miss him though.

Your Love is King by Sade



Bloody Sade.

Coffee table music or what?


I HATE this.

I can’t do it.

I’m sorry.

I love Sade.

She is just so cool.

Effortlessly cool.

I had such a huge crush on her.

The all black outfits, the ruby red lipstick, the hair…more importantly, the voice.  I just couldn’t imagine that their could be a woman more perfect anywhere.  I’m terribly sorry if that sounds like I’m reducing her to just an object of my adolescent desire but that’s what I was…an adolescent boy, I wasn’t making informed judgements.  I was reacting, responding and rushing in.


That’s all behind me now and…I still love her.

Her music is just so (and I may have mentioned this already) cool.




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