Geneva – Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh 1/2/19


The last time I was in the Wee Red Bar it was 1997.

That was also the year that I first saw Geneva live at the V Festival.

The Wee Red Bar hasn’t changed.

It is dark. atmospheric…filled with memories.

Geneva haven’t changed.

Dark, atmospheric…filled with memories.

There is no stage in the Wee Red Bar so the select few who are gathered here enjoy the sort of intimacy that is denied to most couples in the holy state of matrimony.  Warm breath from the band burns on the bodies of those at the front.

With just two rehearsals before tonight there is a chance that this could be…a work in progress.  That it might make us smile through sheer nostalgia but leave us unsatisfied; like eating a McDonald’s once you get past 17.

As they emerge from whatever passes for a dressing room a roar, a cheer, a cry goes up from the two hundred or so fans, friends and family members who are crammed into the narrow confines of one of the smallest venues in Edinburgh that is loud enough to transform the place into the Barrowlands.

Then it begins.

“No One Speaks” is note perfect.

They sound bold, energised, ambitious, confident and strong.

The passing of time, the distance that once existed between them and the lives they have all led in the nineteen years since they last did this are all erased.

I manage to avoid the gaze of the people I am with and shed a tear or three.

I loved them then.

I love them now.

The rest of the set is a reminder of how magnificent they were and of how awful it is that there wasn’t more from them…songs from both albums, singles, b-sides, favourites, songs you had forgotten, all evidence that Geneva were more than most of their peers.

They play again tonight in London then again at the Star Shaped Festival later in they year.  After tonight I think that might be just the beginning…other dates are, I think, inevitable and then something more?

We can only pray…or hope…or dream, and isn’t that what Geneva always were?  A prayer, a hope, a dream?



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