No purity, no ideology…ANIMAL BREAKDOWN

animal breakdown - artwork

Sometimes, just sometimes, you stumble upon something that makes everything seem a little less…ugly, complicated and painful.

A painting, a film, an item of clothing, a line in a book, a person, a long forgotten memory.

Finding Animal Breakdown is one of those moments.

A new band.

Embryonic really.

Stepping wide eyed with wonder into the world from the warmth of their East London womb and yet painfully aware of the horrors that can lie within it Martin, Josef and Marco are boys you can trust to be honest with you.  Insecurity.  Loneliness.  Corruption in all its  myriad forms; personal and political, social and cultural.  Depression and anxiety.  But they face all of it with a hopeless sense of hope in their hearts.


Debut single “Black Horse” is drenched in the shimmer of the Cocteau Twins and mired in the haze of the finest moments of shoegaze.  An indie record by an indie band…of the sort that Sarah and Creation records used to specialise in before the world spun off its axis and people thought that Kasabian and The 1975 were worth your attention.

Listen to Black Horse

There is something intimate, personal and yet utterly universal in what is going on with Animal Breakdown, a band capable of trading in high falutin concepts like hyper-masculinity at the same time as they are singing hymns in praise of working class culture.

Juxtaposed with them.

Forthcoming single “Parting Glass” is thing of joy and wonder.  It’s retro from the get go, sounding like the sort of thing that would have filled the floor of the local indie disco in 1988 without ever delving into the hideousness of pastiche.  It’s all Wire spike, Buzzocks drive, Cure peculiarity and with a bass line and drum beats that leave you with no choice but to dance, or prance, around the room.

Right now you will need to trust me on quite how good Animal Breakdown are but go ahead and listen to “Black Horse”…then one more time…then tell me I’m wrong.

I won’t care if you do…I’ve stumbled upon that something and I’m ready to commit.


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