Before the dawn…

The Home of Britpop comes to Glasgow…

It is Wednesday.

Tomorrow is Thursday.

Then, stay with me here, it will be Friday.

Now, and this is the crucial piece of information, it will be Starturday.

That’s right pop tarts, I have officially renamed Saturday as STARturday in recognition of the fact that it will be the first of the Holy Trinity of Star Shaped festival dates.

Glasgow has been blessed by the Gods of Britpop (James and Jude Cook of The Flamingoes in case you were wondering) to be the first host city.

Give thanks.

Praise be.



They’re here to pull ya.

Or something.

What does Starturday hold in store?

Let’s all go down the strand, oh what a happy band…and see just what the crazy guys and cool gals of Star Shaped have lined up (BOOM…quick Elastica reference).

Chris Helme, he of The Seahorses, will kick things off with an acoustic set.  If you haven’t seen Chris before then you should make sure you arrive in time to catch him.  He has a beautiful voice, he plays guitar as if he was born to do only that and he has a catalogue of songs each one as gorgeous and uplifting as the one before.  If you all play nicely he will do “Blinded by the Sun” and “Love is the Law” and before he finishes you will feel like the money you spent on the ticket has already been worth it.

Andrew Montgomery, he of Geneva, is next up and let’s all be very, very honest for a moment…if someone came to you today and offered you the chance to hear him sing the collected speeches of Neil Hamilton you would bite their arm off.  His was the voice of an angel with broken wings…soaring high above the maddening crowd.  I last saw Geneva play at V97 and my heart is already beating faster at the prospect of hearing that voice and those songs one more time.

They were Northern.

They caused a bit of uproar.

You guessed it cats, it’s only bloody Northern Uproar!

Bloody Nora.

Anthems, crashing guitars, rock and roll, the uncontrollable drive of youth.

It’s going to be magnificent.

The Real People will deliver their brand of Scouse pop and roll.  About half way through the first song there is a very real chance that you will be asking yourself; “Why doesn’t every single home in the country know about this lot?” and by the end of the first song you will have made it your personal mission to ensure that every single home in the country does know about this lot.

That’s four sets from four tremendous musicians, singers, songwriters and Britpop legends.

If that was all you were getting for your money you would go home happy.


Not happy.


But, in the immortal words of Jimmy Cricket, there’s more.

A veritable Britpop triumverate.

Britpop Gods and Goddesses.

Three bands who will heal you, take away the worries, troubles and pains of your daily life and leave you mended, hale and hearty.

Just think about this for a second…

My Life Story.

The Superbloodynaturals.


I’m not making this stuff up.

Jake Shillingford and his merry, dizzying, splendid, array of pop hits.  The Supernaturals returning and delivering, I’m pretty damned certain, a set that will be so uplifting that it may well prompt the rapture.  Echobelly.  Echobelly.  Echobelly.  Echobelly.  ECHOBELLY.

All three of them are going to be in Glasgow this Saturday.

You could be there.

All you have to do is go here and buy a ticket…


Done it?


See you there.

***Please note that Ultrasound will no longer be appearing***



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