Beth Ditto – O2 ABC, Glasgow, 25/5/18

image courtesty of city guide, 2018

Beth Ditto is…

A singer.

A songwriter.

A style icon.

A role model.

A raconteur.

A cluster of cells filled with creativity.

I love her.

When she glides onto the stage

When she strides onto the stage

When she walks onto the stage

When she sashays onto the stage of the ABC on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street she looks like the only person left in the world who understands that taking a pride in your appearance is a statement of political belief and not a sign of having nothing more important to do.

Taking the time to look your best prepares you to face a world that is, increasingly, ugly.  It instills confidence.  It attracts attention.  It prompts questions.  It makes a statement about who you are.  Ditto understands.  Like a particularly preening peacock she looks fabulous.



I don’t think so.

Style matters.

Look at the person sat next to you on the train right now…dressed in cottons and with a pair of trainers on.  They are not going to the gym.  They have actually decided that comfort matters more than style.  I cannot be friends with them.



I digress.

Seeing Ditto live is to expose your heart and your soul to the sort of thunderous, joyous, riotous, pop, rock, punk and soul infused songs that will leave them, and you, a quivering, blubbering, battered, wreck on the floor of the venue.  Every song tonight forces you to move…feet stamp, hands clap, butts shake and the rest of your bits and pieces groove and gyrate in ways that you hadn’t realised they could.

The set features highlights from her debut solo album “Fake Sugar” including “In and Out”, “Oh my God” and “Fire” as well as classics from the Gossip back catalogue like “Heavy Cross” and “Standing in the Way of Control”.  I can’t be any more specific than that because I was too busy dancing to worry about taking notes.

Disco diva, dancing queen, pop star, rock and roller…Ditto is the complete package.

Be grateful we have her.


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