Let There Be Love?

Noel Gallagher

The grown up position to take is to acknowledge that both Liam and Noel Gallagher are pop culture icons, musicians who defined a generation and continue to make music that melts your heart, mind and soul.  The very idea of being “Team Liam” or “Team Noel” should be beneath an adult.  Taking a “side” in a battle between two siblings you don’t actually know is just plain silly.  People who are well rounded human beings know that none of this stuff matters.


I don’t care if I’m old enough to know better.

I’m going all in on Team Noel.

Noel Gallagher remains the same working class kid from Mancfester who blasted and battered his way into the nations collective consciousness in the 1990’s…profane, passionate, personable and so cool that he could be a back up generator for Iceland.

Think about this…when Liam Gallagher appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox he was sat in a room with his son and his mum.  When Noel Gallagher appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox he was sat in a room with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.  Now, you can choose to see that as evidence of how “real” Liam is but the I prefer to see it as evidence of the lengths to which Noel Gallagher will go to in order to protect his family.  It’s also worth remembering that Kate Moss was the Britpop supermodel…the girl who should never have been a supermodel but who came in from the fringes to dominate the decade.  She’s the fashion worlds answer to Noel Gallagher himself.

When Noel appeared on Desert Island Discs he selected tracks that he genuinely loved.  He cast the idea of crafting a list of “cool” tracks into the trash can and went with his heart.

Just imagine Liam even being invited onto Desert Island Discs.

Imagining it?

Never gonna happen.

If it does you better believe that he will pick 8 tracks that would serve to highlight how in debt he is to his older brother.  He’s not a man who has ventured further into the world of music than “B” for Beatles.  Musically he is trapped in a box entirely of his own construction.  Where Noel has a musicians ear for melody and a desire to hone his craft Liam is the kid in school with only one record…”The Best of the Beatles”!

Think about this too…Noel picked a song by U2 for Desert Island Discs.

Nobody likes U2.

Except that’s not true is it?

The truth is that people love U2…they sell millions of records and sell out enormodomes across the globe.  U2 is probably the phrase in English that is most recognisable after Coca-Cola.  The fact that people don’t want to admit to that is their problem.  Noel Gallagher is not a man who will allow the views of others to determine his choices.

When Liam Gallagher put a band together he didn’t really believe it was going to go anywhere.  The extent of his ambition was to play a few gigs in Manchester so that he could tell people he was the singer in a band instead of just another unemployed bloke.  Sure he put a band together…but so did I and, just like Rain, they were shit.

Then Noel turned up with a suitcase stuffed with songs and changed the lives of everyone in the room and then everyone in the world.

That’s a fact.

No Noel…no Oasis.

No Noel…Liam is currently sat in a flat in Salford trying to convince people to listen to his stories about supporting Northern Uproar just before they got signed.

Let’s deal with the Modfather now…Mr Paul Weller.  Big mate of Noel.  According to Liam he is just another chancer who is happy to stick the knife into him behind his back.  I have no way of knowing how true that is, or even if it is true, but here is what I do know…Paul Weller is one of the finest musicians this country has ever produced.  Sure he’s a miserable old sod at times but what he doesn’t know about songwriting isn’t worth knowing.  You can just see him and Noel working themselves into a frenzy over some rare guitar or an unseen photograph of John Lennon.  |Musicians…brothers in arms.

Oasis was all about the near deadly combination of Liam and Noel.  They needed each other.  They did what they did because of each other.  It couldn’t have happened with one of them.  It was a perfect moment in British pop history.  We should be grateful for it and for them.

That was then.

This is now.

Noel is THE songwriter of his generation…ten platinum albums in a row.

Noel is a funny guy…witty, caustic and provocative.

Noel is a clever chap…he knows things!


I’m sat on the sofa tonight and I wish I was in a room listening to Noel Gallagher.

For the fire.

For the honesty.

For the anger.

For the passion.

Let’s build the moon.

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