Britpop at the BBC – BBC4 29/3/18

And so the story begins…

Dan Abnormal on presenting duties.

No socks…what’s that about?

“So Young” with Brett yelping, warbling and wiggling as if all of our lives depended on it. He’s got no shirt on…has someone pinched it along with Damon’s socks? If someone from Powder has got no trousers then between them all we’ve got a naked Britpopper.


Look at Bernard Butler. He’s almost too cool. Fully dressed too. Well done Bernard.

Suede seemed so dangerous at this point…much more so than Nirvana who were never anything more than a rock band.

Oh my. I once kissed Justine Frischman. Made me feel all peculiar. Made her feel physically sick I’ll wager.

Elastica are here with “Line Up” complete with Annie being Annie, Donna highlighting why she was always the coolest woman on the scene, Justin doing that throwing up noise and Justine doing her “Made in Chelsea” but slumming it thing.

Jarvis explaining why it’s better to have Oasis selling out stadia than Wet Wet Wet…which I’m a bit cross about because I reckons that “Popped in Souled Out” is ace.

So there.

“Babies” is just so great. Jarvis throwing more shapes than the contestants in the world shape throwing finals could manage. There’s a lime green shirt, leopard print, a Daz challenge white suit and flares in this band. Awesome.

Best band about today…on the planet?

That’s a fact.

According to some young urchin from the North. I’m not arguing with him…he looks like he could punch my face right off my skull. Weird because the song he’s singing is a thing of beauty, joy and wonder.

Oasis man…how good were they at this point? I’ll tell you…very. “Live Forever” remains as magnificent now as it was on release.

Here’s Damon again…wearing a stone Harrington and talking about how good Oasis are. Not because he means it but because he too has realised that Liam could rip his heart out of his body and eat it before death took him.

“Girls and Boys” is, to my cloth ears, the finest single blur released. It sounded like nothing else in the charts at the time…it still sounds a bit “other” and yet it’s a floor filler too. Love it. Not as much as I love this British Rail jacket he’s wearing.


It’s Louise Wener.

I’ve come over all peculiar.

“Inbetweener” serves as all the proof you need to prove that she was one of the finest lyricists of her generation. I’ll hear no arguments. She’s a bloody genius.

When we are married I’ll remind her of how great she is every morning when I bring her breakfast in bed. Separate beds obviously. It’s an emotional marriage. None of that nonsense you lot are thinking about.


Confession time.

I don’t like “Wake Up Boo” by the Boo Radleys. Soz m8. Maybe it’s the fact that you couldn’t escape it. I dunno. I like the Radleys…lots of great songs but this just leaves me a bit cold.

Let’s move on before things get ugly.

What do you mean I’m already ugly? That’s just mean. True, but still mean.

People are always asking me what the best song about being a teenager is. They say “Max, what’s the best song about being a teenager?” and I tell them, I say “Caught by the Fuzz” by Supergrass. If they say they’ve never heard it and suggest “Teenage bloody Kicks” I get up, open the front door and politely ask them to leave.

Powder now.

Scenester chancers or lost Britpop classics?

Scenester chancers I’m afraid to tell you.

Look at Pearl Lowe…great hair and lipstick but she’s not really feeling this is she? It’s all a bit forced.

Hold on the subtitle things say they released 3 singles in 1995!


I didn’t get to release one Britpop single! How did they manage three?


It’s the blur v Oasis “battle” on the news!

“Country House” is a dreadful record. Every time I hear it I can actually see pieces of Graham Coxons soul falling to the ground from the speakers.

Got to love Alex wearing an Oasis t-shirt…again it’s fear not respect that inspired this!

Look at how delighted Damon is.

Look how demented Graham is.

YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS! Menswe@r and “Stardust”. A glorious little pop gem. Quite what they are all wearing though is anyone’s guess! Especially Johnny.

Oh! Look! They’re trashing the stage. Naughty boys.

Speaking of naughty here is Sonya Madan dressed as a schoolgirl…not as act of titillation but as a commentary on the vulgar and criminal nature of that particular fantasy. Clever is Sonya.

“Great Things” is the stuff of pop dreams.

Look at Debbie Smith…you forget how many great people were involved in this scene. She’s so cool.

Here are Pulp on “Going Live” with Trev and Simon!

“Disco 2000” sounds like the title of a novelty pop hit released to cash in on the millennium. Of course what it really is is more brilliance from the arthouse, art school, art pop princes and princesses of Pulp.

Jarvis is wearing a pink tie and black shirt. I’d like to see this tie paired with the lime green shirt he had on earlier.



“For the Dead”.

They look fan-bloody-tastic.

Too cool.


Rossiter owning the stage and well aware that he’s the most important person in the room.

Steve dressed to impress himself and playing the sort of tunes and riffs that are illegal in several countries.

Ha ha ha…Martin changing the lyrics to “For the Dead” to drop in an ode to Elvis!

“People must love them.” says Jools Holland as he introduces the next band.

Yes Jools.

People did love them.

It’s over 20 years later and we still love them.

The Bluetones.

Anything else we need to say?


Thought not.

Let’s just enjoy “Slight Return”.

“Best band in the world…it’s not blur.”

Oh Noel!

“Don’t Look Back in Anger” has become something bigger than just a great song from one of the greatest bands this country has spawned for tragic reasons but here, sat on the sofa, now but thinking back to then…all I know is that it’s just one more reason to love Britpop and to give thanks for the community of people who were there with me.

Britpop now.

Britpop then.

Britpop here.

Britpop there.

Britpop forever.

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