Maker Shaker #4 – May 7th 1994

It doesn’t get a whole lot more Britpoppier than a baby faced Damon Albarn peeking out at the world from behind his perfectly imperfect fringe.

“Parklife” had been released about a week earlier and the world really was beginning to listen. The idea of a Mod revival was still something that people were talking about, as evidenced by the strap line underneath the “Melody Maker” banner…

While there were, undoubtedly, Modish elements to Britpop in both the clothes and the music it really was a scene that was much broader than the dire early eighties Mod revival which had as much substance as air.

Dolores O’Riordan tragically passed away a few weeks ago. She was a gifted songwriter and possessed a unique voice but I’ve never thought of her, or The Cranberries, as Britpop and yet the Melody Maker suggests…

I could see them, particularly at that moment, being British pops biggest export…but Britpop?

News of Lush heading out on tour for the first time since 1992 plus new music…

Because they were all proper East end geezers blur had launched “Parklife” with a night at the dogs in Walthamstow…they were joined by man of the people Eddie Izzard!

The “Shine” compilation albums are a wonderful guide to the changing faces and faves of Britpop but there were other compilations too, like “Indie 20”. Here is an ad for the first in the series with a roll call of baggy and nascent Britpoppers…

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this might be the first feature on My Life Story in any of the weeklies. It’s all there…the glamour, the desire, the eccentricity. God bless Jake Shillingford!

Here’s a little ad for the debut album from not Britpop at all Britpop band The Auteurs…

Two of the best live acts of the nineties were Gene and Strangelove. In Martin Rossiter and Patrick Duff they had charismatic and, occasionally, provocative frontmen and each were blessed with very gifted musicians. Here they were on the same bill…

Tiny ad for My Life Story on tour with Cud!

The Phoenix Festival reveals quite how far away we were from the dominance of Britpop at this point. Cast, My Life Story and Dodgy were all there but the headliners were cut from a very different cloth…

The Auteurs were on tour…

New Wave of New Wave was still a sort of thing and here were S*M*A*S*H doing what they did best…killing it live.

The main feature was on blur and “Parklife”…it’s very odd to look back at this now, knowing how huge the band, the album and Damon became within a few weeks of this piece.

Sleeper got single of the week with the rude and raucous “Delicious”…

Not Britpop…bitter pop?

That’s your lot!

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