Maker Shaker #3 – May 18th 1996

Britpop checklist;

1. The Bluetones? CHECK

2. Pulp? CHECK

3. Shed Seven? CHECK

4. Smorgasbord of League 1 Britpoppers? CHECK

5. Maybe Britpoppers? CHECK

Strap yourselves in this is going to be good!

Alright, let’s get this out of the way…were the Manic Street Preachers Britpop? The answer is “No” but I think we have to acknowledge the fact that “Everything Must Go” was a seminal and seismic album. The boys who bought “Loaded” and didn’t understand that not tucking in your Ben Sherman is a criminal offence bought it for the same reasons they bought Oasis records; big songs, big tunes and big choruses! They didn’t give a damn about the pain of the passing of Richie, they didn’t know what existentialism was but they liked that bit about only wanting to get drunk. So here is a full page ad for “Everything Must Go”.

The peak Britpop festival was, of course, V97 but here is a news article on the first V festival which featured Pulp, Supergrass, Cast, Elastica, Fluffy, Heavy Stereo, Super Furry Animals and Denim.

Tucked away at the bottom of the page is news about blur’s “Live at the Budokan” album which was to be given a UK release to help fans avoid paying high import prices.

Is this the most Britpop article of all time? With news on Knebworth ticket sales, Loch Lomond sales, Noel withdrawing from the Ivor Novello awards after they proposed giving it to him jointly with Damon Albarn and the Britpop football tournament at Mile End!

OK not technically Britpop but as Scotland was thin on the ground for representation let’s take a look at indie kids bis…also it does have a fabulous Britpop pun title;

The third Maker Shaker tour had just finished and here is some news on Puressence lining up their own tour…

Noel and Liam, Ocean Colour Scene, Super Furry Animals and No Way Sis all attended a party for the launch of Bob Stanley’s new record label. I know because here it is in the Gossip section!

Here’s a bona fide Scottish Britpop collective, Geneva, heading out on tour with The Bluetones and gearing up for the release of their debut single in a few weeks…

Imagine getting this worked up about Northern Uproar…

An ad for “Expecting To Fly”…easy to forget how beautiful it looked because of how beautiful it sounded!

Pusherman and 60ft Dolls side by side, together in perfect harmony…

The top thirty singles featured Shed Seven, Sleeper, blur the Manics, Prodigy, The Bluetones and the debut solo single from their singer Mark Morrisson at number bloody 3…crazy times.

Cracking interview with the flowery shirts of Britpop, The Bluetones. This is a good moment to confirm that I know the lead singer of The Bluetones was not Mark “Return of the Mack” Morrisson.

Maker Shaker #3 featured Scottish lovelies The Gyres, Bawl, Puressence and Coast. Here is how it went down…

I will sell a kidney to see Shed Seven and Mansun gig together again!

More Northern Uproar now…you can never have enough of those boys. That’s not sarcasm…I liked ’em. So there.

Fancy catching Pusherman, Supermodel and Bennet? If you go back in time and head for Southampton you could…because Ash, 60ft Dolls and bis in the same town is sold out.

What about catching Sleeper and Longpigs in Wolverhampton?

The albums reviews feature “Everything Must Go”…

Here’s an ad for “Fuzzy Logic” by the Furries…

Sleeper tour ad…

Tiny Monroe were touring too…how good were they? The answer is “very”.

The back page has an ad for the album of the Britpop football tournament that was Euro ’96. Gazza, the dentist chair, Three Lions…with contributions from Teenage Fanclub, New Order, Supergrass, Northern Uproar, blur, Boo Radleys, Pulp and The Gyres.

I might stop doing these pieces…it’s making me maudlin! How good were the 90’s!

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