Insidious – The Last Key

Many of my favourite movies are horrors; The Exorcist, The Shining, Halloween, Ringu, Kuroneko, Jigoku, The Omen…I could go on and on.  Great horror films don’t just provide jump scares, blood and monsters they also induce a sense of genuine fear, have something to say about the world, sex, families, religion and so much more.  

After the nasty, brutal and brutish lows of the torture porn era horror has managed to resurrect itself both in the cinema and on television.  The likes of “The Conjuring” and “Babadook” turned profits and showed that horror could still scare.  The new version of “It” was a genuine blockbuster hit.  “Stranger Things” on Netflix is another monster hit.

Where does that leave the “Insidious” franchise?  With its nods to “Poltergeist” and it’s game attempts at humour it should be able to offer…more than this.  “The Last Key” is an absolute mess.  Poorly developed characters, a maddeningly nonsensical plot, jump scares that are neither jumpy or scary, demons that bore when they should terrify and these are just the most obvious flaws.

At one point I made the conscious decision to close my eyes and grab 40 winks.  This was a film so interminably dull that it made you beg for sleep as a respite from the drudgery on the screen.

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