A long time ago I had another blog.  It was an outlet for me to write about film.  That blog saw me press accredited for events like the EIFF and GFF as well as making one or two television appearances to talk about new releases.  At one point I saw and reviewed more than one [...]


"Fame, fame, fatal can play hideous tricks on the brain." (Morrissey/Marr) "Fame, fame is just a game...just waiting to occur." (Kenny) Britpop is a scene that is oft derided by the media. It's dismissed on the dual grounds of being frivolous and not being "authentic". Quite why anyone would want anything from pop music [...]

British Image #1

Across 1990 and 1991 a band of Madchester inspired middle-class Southern boys enjoyed a little bit of chart success and lot of press coverage...the former due to the records being only a little bit good and the latter being down to their frontman owning a mouth that was turbo-charged.  They were called "blur" and they [...]