As You Were…

Liam Gallagher.  Two words to inspire rabid reactions from even the dullest of nobodies...or Chris Martin from Coldplay as he's more commonly known. A certain narrative has grown up and taken hold around Oasis.  That narrative tells the tale of how song writing genius Noel Gallagher rescued his little brothers desperate rock 'n' roll dreams [...]

A Boy Called Alain

***this interview was conducted in 2010 and was originally posted on myfilms2010*** I first met Alain Whyte when I was labouring under the, mistaken, belief that I was the second coming of Morrissey. It didn’t matter to me that Morrissey wasn’t dead (creatively or physically) I just knew that I was to be His Masters [...]

For the Strangers

Once upon a time nobody had ever heard of Suede and nobody even knew that they needed Suede.  How could they?  Then somebody deep inside the darkest reaches of the Melody Maker offices decided that it would be a terrific idea to put a band nobody had heard of, and who hadn't even released a [...]

You Seem…Star Shaped

14:35 I've arrived just in time to hear Salad (undressed) working there way through "Motorbike to Heaven".  That's good because it's the only song by them I know other than "On a Leash" which I used to own on 12".  Marijne van der Vlugt looks like she's stepped off of the pages of Select magazine [...]

Different Days, Same Daze

"Madchester" has so much to answer for...not all of it good.  It was a "scene" that had as much to do with bowl cuts and Joe Bloggs as music.  It was very difficult to walk down any high street in any town in Britain in 1990 without bumping into someone wearing an Inspiral Carpets t-shirt, [...]