Of course I loved her. I was 23 and she was a little older.  She was the very definition of cool.  She was intelligent, passionate, knowledgable, articulate, talented...and she had a good haircut.  I hadn't ever felt this way before.  Not really.  I mean, sure, there was the Emma Clark thing but that wasn't [...]

Inelegantly Wasted

  My best friend at high school was a guy called Chris.  Chris was all of the things I wished I was...but wasn't.  He was good at sport.  He was a genuinely talented artist...he even made it to art school in a big city while I ended up in Paisley studying something infinitely less interesting [...]

Real Surreal Man

These Animal Men were an English band who achieved minor fame in the 1990s as part of the New Wave of New Wave before splitting up after releasing two albums, in 1998.   Smash (often typeset as S*M*A*S*H) are a punk rock trio who enjoyed brief notoriety in the early 1990s in the UK. Smash [...]