Desert Island Discs (Part 6)

A quick glance at this post or this one will reveal my mild obsession with British youth subcultures and style. The skinhead, despite the many negative representations of the group in the media (not always unjustified), is the look that means most to me.  It is defiantly British, a glorious mash-up (yo kids) of original [...]

Willow and Wind

Connecting. As I drive to work I view the city I live in from behind a pane of glass. The buildings. The people. The hills. The grass. The wind. The rain. The warmth of the sun. At home I am aware of the world around me. I "experience" it via a pane of glass. The [...]

Natures Hated

  The mid-1990's was a curious time for popular music. The most ambitious outsiders had managed to take control of the mainstream thanks, for the most part, to the efforts of certain journalists to look for a homegrown alternative to the hideously pervasive "grunge" scene. The sight of middle-class children wandering the streets of this [...]

Depressed Beyond Tablets

Depressed Beyond Tablets

There are few things in life that are more miserable than "comedy" songs. You know the sort of thing "Weird" Al Yankovich gurning his way through a Michael Jackson parody. The Mike Flowers Pops smirking through their easy listening version of "Wonderwall". Alexei Sayle and his suicide inducing "Hello John Got a New Motor". The [...]

Desert Island Discs (Part 3)

As I write this the full horror of Valentines Day looms large on the horizon. "Love" is in the air. Cards.  Chocolates.  Flowers.  Romantic city breaks.  Candlelit meals. All this and more is yours from any one of a number of daily deal promotions websites. The sad thing about this is that true love isn't [...]