Folk Devil – Who Are The “Real” Skinheads

Folk Devil – Who Are The “Real” Skinheads

In modern society the term "skinhead" carries only one meaning for the vast majority of people; racist.  The sight of knuckle-dragging, beer bellied, Burberry clad goons on EDL marches complaining loudly and indecipherably about "muslamic ray-guns" with their shaved heads is what most people think of when they think of skinheads.  Either that or they [...]

The Joy…

"I think I might be pregnant" she said. "Well, that's ridiculous" I replied before adding "Let's go and get a pregnancy test". So, we jumped into the car and headed for Waitrose...other supermarkets are available.  On the way there I was thinking about how disappointed she was going to be when this proved to be [...]

Sweetly Pay Your Taxes

Didgeridoo or digeridon't but the fact remains that Morrrissey is, still, the most provocative, interesting and intelligent pop star alive today or dead yesterday.  Now, after a recording hiatus of five years he is back, back, back with "World Peace is None of Your Business".  A proper album.  Released on a proper record label.  With [...]

The Look

Style over fashion. The art of looking good lies in having a good look. That starts with having a look. There lies the difference between fashion and style. It isn't possible to possess a look when you allow the high street or the catwalk to dictate what you wear. A look comes from knowing who [...]